About the Motown Corridor Project

Motown Corridor - The New Green Deal

We Recommend that the Government of Canada Purchase the Ambassador Bridge From the US Owners

Having worked in the USA for many years, I understand the US legal system and the impact of legal challenges, which can delay project funding and schedules. There is risk, when a subsidized government project, competes against a privately owned US corporation. Corporate funding and schedules, can be impacted, due to legal challenges. One solution, is to purchase the competing Ambassador Bridge, thereby guaranteeing full legal and regulatory approval, without any further legal challenges from the existing operator. 


Bridge Traffic Flow - Keep Trucks on the "New Bridge", Cars stay on the "Old Bridge"

Our goal is to direct the truck traffic through the new Howe Bridge, while keeping vehicular traffic on the existing Ambassador Bridge. In order to execute this plan, in accordance with US and Canadian law, both bridges must be owned by the Government of Canada. This will allow for more predictable customs staffing, by routing trucks on the "New Bridge", and cars on the "Old Bridge".


Redevelop the Ambassador II Surplus Land, Within The Historic Sandwich Neighborhood

We recognize that the Historic Sandwich neighborhood is very important to the long term residents of Windsor. Our recommendation is to not only purchase the Ambassador Bridge, but also the surplus lands, intended for the construction of the Ambassador II Bridge. We would recommend that this be developed by Canada Lands, in a similar way, that the Currie Barracks land package, was redeveloped in Calgary. This will add value to the community, and additional tax revenue for the City of Windsor. New families will more back into the neighborhood.